AMC K-8 Math Challenge Winners 2018-2019

The third Ahmadiyya Muslim Community K-8 Math Challenge summer program was held in 2018 with the goal of encouraging our young minds to excel in Math.
We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 K-8 Math Challenge program.
Winners for the 2018 K-8 Math Challenge for Khan Academy Math Missions were selected on the following criteria: 
1st GOLD prize: Students who finished their grade-specific Khan Academy math mission. These students will receive a 1st place certificate, T-shirt and a $40 gift card.
2nd SILVER prize: Students who completed more than 80% of their grade-specific Khan Academy math mission, but did not finish it. These students will receive a 2nd place certificate, T-shirt and a $30 gift card.
3rd BRONZE prize: Students who completed between 60% to 80% of their grade-specific Khan Academy math mission. These students will receive a 3rd place certificate, T-shirt and a $20 gift card.
Students and Parents wishing to enroll in the 2019 AMC K-8 Math Challenge program should follow these guidelines
2018 K-8 Summer Math Challenge Winners (Khan Academy)
Student Name Grade AMC Chapter Prize
Anabia Atiatul-Baqi Malik 2nd Austin, TX Gold
Bashir Emanuel Ahmad 1st Austin, TX Gold
Dania Iffat Ahmad 7th Austin, TX Gold
Faheem Tariq 1st Austin, TX Gold
Hamza Waraich 1st Austin, TX Gold
Jaziba Ahmad 4th Austin, TX Gold
Maheen Waraich 8th Austin, TX Gold
Sabeeka Ahmad 2nd Austin, TX Gold
Sitwat Rasheed 3rd Austin, TX Bronze
Zainab Rasheed 6th Austin, TX Bronze
Abdul Malik Adewusi Kindergarten Baltimore, MD Gold
Abdul Razzaq Kukoyi-Jones 8th Baltimore, MD Gold
Afaan Younus 6th Baltimore, MD Gold
Alameen Adewusi 3rd Baltimore, MD Gold
Anum Younus 3rd Baltimore, MD Gold
Armeen sheraz 3rd Baltimore, MD Bronze
Samara Siddiqui 5th Baltimore, MD Bronze
Sarim Wildan Ahmed 2nd Baltimore, MD Gold
Syed Abdullah 5th Baltimore, MD Gold
Syed Faiz 6th Baltimore, MD Gold
Syeda Imamah 3rd Baltimore, MD Gold
Zuha Mahrosh Ahmed 1st Baltimore, MD Gold
Mahmood Ahmad virk 5th Binghamton NY Gold
Aashir Rana 4th Boston, MA Gold
Anaya Rana Kindergarten Boston, MA Gold
Danial Ahmad 7th Boston, MA Gold
Taimoor Bashir Kindergarten Boston, MA Gold
Nashwan Sanaullah 5th Buffalo, NY Gold
Nyla Upal 8th Buffalo, NY Gold
Awais Mirza 8th Central Jersey, NJ Bronze
Azam 7th Central Jersey, NJ Gold
Fateha Masroor 4th Central Jersey, NJ Gold
Haala Masroor 5th Central Jersey, NJ Gold
Hibba Ahmed 8th Central Jersey, NJ Gold
Shahzaib Qureshi 3rd Central Jersey, NJ Silver
Zaid Ahmed 7th Central Jersey, NJ Bronze
Zakaria Ahmad 1st Central Jersey, NJ Gold
Hamza Qamar 6th Central VA, VA Silver
Hassaan Awan Kindergarten Central VA, VA Gold
Ubaid Awan 2nd Central VA, VA Gold
Faisal Ahmad 8th Chicago East, IL Bronze
Jazib Syed Ahmed 8th Chicago Northwest, IL Silver
Aiden Muhammad 4th Dallas, TX Gold
Daniyal Ahmad 5th Dallas, TX Gold
Daniyal Khan 2nd Dallas, TX Gold
Maulood Khan 7th Dallas, TX Gold
Nauman Khan 3rd Dallas, TX Gold
Sarina Ahmad 1st Dallas, TX Gold
Zain Virk 6th Dallas, TX Gold
Zidan Virk 2nd Dallas, TX Gold
Inaaya Ahsan 3rd Detroit, MI Bronze
Shafia Mahmood 4th Detroit, MI Gold
Aiza Ahmad 8th Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Aleesa Riaz 1st Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Amatul Baqi Bahri 6th Georgia-Carolina, GA Silver
Ayan Qureshi 6th Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Faateh Ahmed Noon 3rd Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Faris Ahmad 5th Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Fizah Ahmad 6th Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Haris Ahmad 2nd Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Hussein Luqman Kindergarten Georgia-Carolina, GA Bronze
Ibriz Arshad 2nd Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Muhsan Ayaz 7th Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Saim Rashid 2nd Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Shayan Riaz 7th Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Wali Ahmed Noon 2nd Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Zohaib Ahmad 1st Georgia-Carolina, GA Gold
Intisaar Sayed 1st LA East, CA Gold
Luqman Rahman Kindergarten LA East, CA Gold
Meher Rehman 1st LA East, CA Gold
Minal khan 1st LA East, CA Gold
Musa Ali Ahmad 3rd LA East, CA Bronze
Shafiq Rahman 1st LA East, CA Gold
Zaid Rahman 2nd LA East, CA Gold
Daniyal Khan 2nd LA Inland, CA Gold
Hirra Khan 1st LA Inland, CA Gold
Salmaan Noor 3rd LA Inland, CA Gold
Noor Rahman 3rd LA Riverside, CA Silver
Amina Zia 1st LA West, CA Bronze
Qasid Mian 4th LA West, CA Silver
Dania Bilal 5th Laurel, MD Gold
Myra Thomas 2nd Laurel, MD Gold
Maleeha Raqeeb Kindergarten Minnesota, MN Gold
Nabeeha Raqeeb 1st Minnesota, MN Gold
Nauman Ahmad Farid 8th Minnesota, MN Gold
Nymah Farid 4th Minnesota, MN Gold
Abeer Alam 7th North Jersey, NJ Silver
Ansar Alam 3rd North Jersey, NJ Gold
Danial Akhtar 7th North Jersey, NJ Gold
Qasid Jadran 1st North Virginia, VA Bronze
Sahibzada Nabeel Ahmad 2nd North Virginia, VA Bronze
Shafiya munir Kindergarten North Virginia, VA Gold
Tanzeela Ahmed 1st North Virginia, VA Gold
Zaviyaar Awais Butt 1st North Virginia, VA Gold
Maaz Rashid Kiran 1st Orlando, FL Gold
Raza Muzaffar Kindergarten Orlando, FL Gold
Zaim Waheed 1st Orlando, FL Gold
Fahad Mian 7th Oshkosh, WI Silver
Uzma Mirza 4th Oshkosh, WI Gold
Syeda Javeria Nasir 6th Philadelphia PA Gold
Mirza Affaan Ahmad 1st Pittsburgh, PA Bronze
Ather Ahmed Rehan 4th Portland, OR Bronze
Muneef Ahmed Rehan 1st Portland, OR Gold
Fateha Upal 8th Rochester, NY Gold
Aisha Mahmood 5th Seattle, WA Gold
Emaan Khan 3rd Seattle, WA Gold
Ezaan Malik Kindergarten Seattle, WA Gold
Faatehuddin Gulam 2nd Seattle, WA Gold
Huda Khan 4th Seattle, WA Gold
Ibrahim Khan 4th Seattle, WA Gold
Kashif Zayan Ahmed 6th Seattle, WA Gold
Mahid Khan 7th Seattle, WA Gold
Mekail Rohan Ahmed 4th Seattle, WA Gold
Muneefa Ahmed 3rd Seattle, WA Gold
Nile Malik Kindergarten Seattle, WA Gold
Rayan Malik 5th Seattle, WA Gold
Salman Ahmad 3rd Seattle, WA Gold
Sofia Buttar 2nd Seattle, WA Gold
Syar Malik 5th Seattle, WA Gold
Yumna Khan 1st Seattle, WA Gold
Yusra Mahmood 2nd Seattle, WA Gold
Zainab Malik 2nd Seattle, WA Gold
Aidan Chaudry 1st Silicon Valley,CA Gold
Asifa Malik 2nd Silicon Valley,CA Gold
Ayela Maqsood 4th Silicon Valley,CA Gold
Imaad Maqsood 6th Silicon Valley,CA Gold
Amina Malik Kindergarten Silicon Valley,CA Gold
Sarmad Maqsood 8th Silicon Valley,CA Gold
Aariz Ahmed 2nd Silver Spring, MD Silver
Rameen Noor 1st Silver Spring, MD Gold
Duria Imran 5th South Virginia, VA Silver
Mahid Imran Kindergarten South Virginia, VA Gold
Rayyan Ahmad Fasih Kindergarten South Virginia, VA Gold
Sajeela Ahmad 4th South Virginia, VA Gold
Sarmed Ahmad 2nd South Virginia, VA Gold
Meerab Kahloon 4th Tulsa, OK Silver
Ibrahim Ahmad 5th Washington, DC Gold
NooriyahAhmad9 4th Washington, DC Silver
Tahir Ahmad 6th Washington, DC Gold
Hayah Mian 6th Willingboro, NJ Gold
Rida Mian 8th Willingboro, NJ Silver



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