Education Loans


  1. Student must be an active US Jamaat member
  2. Student must be a US citizen, green card holder, Asylee or has an active application for green card
  3. Student must understand that this is a loan and it is the last dollar they need to get through the year
    after having exhausted other sources
  4. Student must qualify for financial need
  5. Students must be high school graduate OR college/university/community college student enrolled in full
    time or part time classes
  6. Online college degrees and associate degrees are also eligible
  7. Students must have a GPA > 2.5. Exceptions may be taken in some cases where the student has higher
    needs and there is belief that the student may do better in the future.
  8. US jamaat members studying abroad MAY qualify, if they are abroad for sole purpose of education and
    have intent to return to US


Following students are NOT eligible for the loan

  1. Students with disciplinary action against them by Jamaat.
  2. Students from families who are not connected to Jamaat at all.
    • This situation must be reviewed with the local Jamaat President for genuine reasons for
      the family to not be regular.
  3. Families or members where the Jamaat President strongly recommends against the applicant.
  4. Vocational courses, certification exams, USMLE and licensure
    • Exception can be made in special circumstances
  5. International students on F-1 visa or other visas who are in the USA primarily for education.
    • These students are encouraged to check in with the merit-based scholarship committee for eligibility
  6. Students who cannot provide acceptable documentation showing their enrollment.


Each applicant must submit following documents:

  1. Copy of most recent official transcript from the most recent institution (high school, college or university)
  2. Proof of enrollment in the fall semester.
    • This could be in the form of a transcript showing enrollment in the fall semester, or a letter of admission from the school, or online proof of enrollment from the website of the university.
  3. Copy of the statement from educational institution or FAFSA that shows the tuition expense, the loans and grants awarded to the student, if requested
  4. Signed and notarized copy of loan declaration form. Note: This is requested after the loan amount has been approved and student has been informed
  5. Copy of resume
  6. An essay detailing the applicant’s educational and career goals, the reasons behind the goals, the strategy to attain the goals and efforts to look for alternate sources of financial assistance.
  7. SAT, ACT or GRE can be submitted, if the score is better than the GPA
    • Students may submit a copy of SAT/ACT/GRE. If necessary, the loan committee may require the official results from the testing authority.


Question: Is there any interest on this loan?

Answer: No. This is an interest free loan to help members of the jamaat achieve their maximum potential.

Question: If I receive other loans, will I qualify for a Jamaat loan?

Answer: Yes. You may still qualify for a jamaat loan, if other loans have a higher interest rate.

Question: Do I need to return the money received?

Answer: Yes. It’s a loan and it is your Islamic and legal responsibility to return this loan.

Question: When does this loan become due?

Answer: Loan becomes due immediately after the start of your first job.

Question: Can I pay all other loans before paying this loan?

Answer: No. Loan payment for this should also start immediately after the start of the first job.

Question: Will I get a full request amount?

Answer: Maybe. It depends on the need and number of students applying. We have a limited budget and we’ll utilize the whole budget dedicated for loans.

Question: How long will it take to find out if I’m approved?

Answer: We’ll take about 30 days to make the decision and email you with our decision and checks will be mailed within 30 days from the decision.

Question: Can the loan check mailed to me before I pay for my fall semester?

Answer: Since every college has different due dates for fall semester/quarter, we’ll mail this out at our earliest possible; however if it is delayed, this loan can be used for the second quarter/ semester.

Question: Who do I contact for the status of my loan?

Answer: If you do not hear from us in 30 days after the application submission deadline, you can send an email to for any questions/concerns you may have.


  1. Policy / Process messaging to local secretaries – Feb 25th
  2. Open applications portal – March 1st
  3. Application deadline (close application portal) – Jun 15th
  4. Decisions emailed out to applicants – July 15th
  5. Checks issues by finance – Aug 15th

For inquiries please contact us

Before applying, please review the short training videos for portal login registration and the Talent Award application.