Math Excellence Exam 2024


  • Only winners of the K-8 Summer Math Challenge 2023 (1st to 3rd prize) are allowed to participate in the following Math Excellence Exam. The list of winners of K-8 Summer Math Challenge 2024 is available here.
  • This Math Excellence Exam is only for students currently in grade 4-8.
  • UPDATE TO REGISTRATION PROCESS: Moving forward, the Math Excellence Exam has been integrated into your child’s Taleem Portal. Please follow the details below see what the process will look like, and log into your chlld’s Taleem Portal here. This is the same portal they used for the K8 Math Challenge.

Rules and Format of the Exam

  • Students and parents are requested to ensure that the student solves the problem on their own. Furthermore no additional resources such as google, calculators, etc. are allowed to be used during the exam.
  • The exam questions are taken from Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary & Middle Schools.
  • For each grade separate exam questions will be prepared.
  • The duration for the exam will be 30min.
  • The exam will consist of 5 questions. Next to each question a score is shown, which can be used as an indication for the time required to solve the problem and its difficulty.
  • We will be holding 2 exams (dates and times shared below). Students are allowed to participate in one or both exams. The exam in which the student performed best will be used for the final ranking.
  • This is the fourth year we are conducting this exam. You can have a look at the 2021 exam and its solution, 2022 exam 1 and its solution here, 2022 exam 2 and its solution here. 2023 exam 1 and its solution here, and 2023 exam 2 and its solution here.

Using the portal:

Please note that similar to the 2023 K-8 Math Challenge, this year’s Math Excellence Exam will be integrated into the Taleem Portal. The link to your child’s K-8 Math Excellence Exam will be visible on the same Taleem Portal they used for the K8 Math Challenge.

1. On the Wednesday prior to the test, your child’s Taleem portal will be updated to show the exam date as a pending task. This should be visible on the log-in page as soon as you enter the portal. If you do not see it, please click on the home tab at the top of the screen. If you do not see a link there populated by the Wednesday prior to the exam, please contact the K-8 Math Team immediately to ensure your child is able to take their exam on the test date. Prior to the start of the exam, you should see “Check back after start date/time.” This information will be updated to show the correct link on the exam date.

2. Once the exam time is reached (4 PM on February 10 and 5 PM on February 18) A link should automatically show up. Please click on the link to access the exam.

3.  Please click on the link as soon as you see it. If it does not appear, please log out of and back into the portal to refresh. Once you click the link, please click and begin the test immediately. Similar to previous years, the test is limited to 30 minutes and there is a timer in the upper-right hand corner. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE THE POP-UP BLOCKER TO ALLOW THE EXAM TO SHOW UP.

Please review the following video to see what you should be looking for in the portal prior to the exam.


If you have any questions, please email We request to please email us well in advance of the exam to avoid last minute panic. It should not be expected that any emails sent on the day of the exam will be replied.

If for some reason the exam is re-scheduled, or there is any other change, we will try to share the update on this page.

Exam 1 (Saturday, 10th February 2024 at 4pm EST)

Exam 2 (Sunday, 18th February 2024 5pm EST)

Exam 3 (Saturday, 24TH February 2024 4 pm EST)

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