Math Contests

  • The education department is starting quarterly Math Contests as part of our K-8 Math Challenge program. Everyone participating in Math Contests must also register in the K-8 Math Challenge program.
  • In summer and then winter of 2017 , we offer two types of Math Contests, one at Elementary School Level and one at Middle School Level. The Elementary School Level math contest can be taken by students in grades 4, 5 or 6. The Middle School Level math contest can be taken by students in grades 6, 7 or 8. Thus grade 6 students can choose to take the lower or higher level depending on their math proficiency.
  • The Math contests are for both atfal and nasirat. The purpose of the quiz is not to make the kids stressful, but make the quiz a “fun exercise”, just like they may play jeopardy or solve riddles at an ijtema. Therefore we do not encourage kids or their parents to excessively “prepare” for the exam. Students who are regular in their studies at school should do fine.
  • Your local taleem secretary will provide you the day and time when these math contests are held in your local jamaat. There will be one contest every quarter. Your taleem secretary will provide the students printed copies of the math contest.
  • Each Math Contest will have  5 Questions and the students have 30 Minutes. You can view a sample math contest for both Elementary and Middle school levels at:
  • Students can use blank sheets of paper to work out each math problem. However, they should write down the final answer on the question sheet provided.
  • Your local taleem secretary will grade the math contest and report results to the national taleem department. Local secretaries only report if the student’s answer was correct or not. As such there is no partial credit in this contest.
  • Students will be given solutions to the math contest after the exam.
  • National taleem department will hand out prizes for students who do well in the math contest.